What we do

We leverage technology to address some of the key business and socio-environmental issues that face us today

Design-Thinking & Use-Case Modeling

Define and design use-cases to address key areas of concern, optimise workflows and capture untapped business value.

Stage/Evolution Based Technology Assessment

Evaluate technology from a holistic perspective, keeping it relevant, practical and specific to the context and problems that need to be tackled.

Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Leverage a set of pre-packaged, reusable models and solutions to help you quickly get started and moving up the curve.

Implementation, Support & Service

Facilitate a robust implementation and transition to ensure adoption, usage and value-driven transformation.

Technologies We Work With

Leading-Edge Solutions for Digital Transformation

Blockchain Technology

Fin-Tech, Reg-Tech, Token-Sale & Exchange Listing Solutions.

Spatial Technologies & Mobility

Location-based Intelligence Using Powerful Mapping & Spatial Analytics Technology.

Digital Marketing &

Comprehensive and Targeted
Programmatic Solutions for Digital & Social Media Marketing.

Select Solutions & Services

We provide context-specific, sustainable technological solutions & services to cater to businesses and people.

Block Armour: Cybersecurity Powered by Blockchain

Worlds First-Ever Holistic Cybersecurity Solution; Re-engineered and Powered by Blockchain Technology.

AML Central: Anti-Money Laundering Powered by Blockchain

Comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering - Transaction Monitoring Solution for Banks and Regulators; Powered by Blockchain Technology.

Datawrkz: Digital & Social Media Marketing & Analytics

Comprehensive and Targeted, Programmatic Digital Marketing and Analysis Solutions for Publishers, Advertisers and Brands.

Tokenize Pro

A comprehensive Securities Tokenization Platform and Digital Asset Marketplace; Powered by Blockchain Technology

truMe: Global Identity & Access Management

Secure, Convenient & Integrated Global Identity & Access Management for Businesses & Users.

IOT for Agriculture/Farming

Internet of Things for a Comprehensive and Integrated Approach Towards Monitoring & Management of Agricultural Assets.

Industries & Verticals We Cater To

Harnessing the potential of cutting-edge, disruptive technology for Business & Social transformation

Banking & Finance

Power & Energy

Infrastructure & Utility

Farming & Agriculture

Development & Not-for-Profit

Technology & Digital Start-up

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